The Lord of Storms, First Born-Twice Born, Rainbringer, Hunters Friend and Chaos Bane are some of the titles and honorifics of Satrom, the First born of Nerukata and Sensu. His followers and clergy are a vigorous and energetic bunch, given to physical acts and endeavours and also the implacable opposition to evil and chaos in all its forms. He is depicted as a blonde, bearded and powerfully built man wielding a Battleaxe called Jungavar and a bow called Ergravar, clad in armour made of the swirling winds and rains he has dominion over. His right eye is a furious radiant white that can fire Lightning when he glares, and his left eye is of whirling grey and blue that he can fire Thunderbolts from. His is the righteous berserk fury of the storm made manifest.

In the early times during the first flower of the love of Nerukata and Sensu, Satrom was conceived. Always the first son and always greatly admired by his parents and the other gods, he was made Nerukatas strong right hand and general when war was made upon the Evil gods. Satrom was on the verge of unifying the gods against their evil foes when his half brother Yesan Who Hungers treacherously surprised and consumed him, for he was jealous of the love and honour shown by Nerukata to Satrom. For a long age Yesan also kept his Mother-Sister Bumi-Bijiran captive, until Sensu distracted the Hungering God for long enough, allowing Bumi-Bijiran to leap up and strike him down with her magical sickle. Yesans remains were ground up and winnowed upon the fields of the world, and in time Satrom was reborn in the first crop, stronger and mightier than ever before.

The world was imperfect though, made as it was from the remains of Tiada, and so Yesan was born again; Yesan Who Hungers was stronger too, and rampaged freely, and it was Satroms idea to have his own son Mitron the Artificier create a mighty mace called HungerBlighter which he passed to Perang the war god. The pair of them fought Yesan and his forces for a long age, causing much destruction on the world that appalled even Nerukata and Mowta, for they saw the threat to the world and its peoples caused by the conflict and knew that should the world be unmade, they would all die and fall into nothing. A truce was formed after Yesan was fought to a standstill, and Yesan was banished to Hell and became a unpredictable and dangerous ally to Mowta and Neraka. Since then, Satrom is seen as the everlasting foe of Yesan Who Hungers, and his followers are dedicated Chaos fighters.

In the modern world worship of Satrom is a loosely organised (and even that is pushing it) yet widespread affair, and amongst their numbers are any who make their living or trade in the great outdoors. Huntsmen, Herders, some sailors, warriors and many in the more barbarous regions are amongst his followers, for his message of honest and furious opposition to evil is appealing to many. Within the lands where chariot racing is followed, worship of Satrom is the frequent choice of charioteers who tend to like his passionate enjoyment of physical endeavour and wildness of spirit. There are no standardised robes of office, with regional variations from nation to nation being the norm. Most prefer to go armoured at all times, with blue grey and white being preferred but by no means required. Many have become facile with Battleaxes and Bows out of respect for their patron, but as far as Satrom is concerned, any weapon’s a good one when you are battering evil with it.

His High Holy day is the first Satromal of the 3rd month and is called Stormsheart, and is amongst the more wild and energetic religious festivals that are known of; indeed, in the more barbarous regions (where Satroms worship often surpasses that of the other gods) a tradition called Stormchasing exists, where storms and lashing winds scourge the lands and his followers rush out into the open in fervour, shouting his praises and defiance against evil and chaos. The “Stormblessed” are those who surely catch his attention, for they are struck by a Thunderbolt from on high; those who die from this are elevated to the Heavens and sit beside him forever as his honoured guards and friends, whereas those who survive are named “Thundercatcher” and are greatly feted and honoured by their fellows. Thundercatchers are known to be blessed with strange abilities and feats for the rest of their days, and to always feel the attention of their stormy patron.

His cult skills are typical of his following and his demeanour, being Missile weapon attack, Listen, Track, Primary Weapon Attack, Primary Weapon parry/Shield parry, World Lore and Scan.

His magic is powerful and gives a measure of his thoughts and feelings;

Spirit – Mobility, Speedart, Disruption, Strength, Endurance, Fanaticism.

Divine – Berserk, Command (Sylph, any prey beast in region), Sureshot, Cloud Call, Lightning, Thunderbolt, Retrieve Weapon.

His relations with the other gods are good with his position of First Son still intact. He has a special relationship with his sister Bumi-Bijiran for they both suffered greatly at Yesan Who Hungers hands, and it is accepted that between them both they make crops and plants grow in the world. There is a good natured friendly rivalry between Satroms followers and Perangs followers for they like to compete in battle and physical tasks, but they are both implacable foes of evil and like to take the battle to their foes, fighting side by side as battle brothers. His son (born to a Demi-Goddess called Tarritha in the early days of the world) Mitron is part of his Cult, and there are a number of blacksmiths and weaponsmiths who know Satrom through his son. Of all the gods, Satrom and his Cult is the only one who is a friend and ally to the mysterious deities of the Dark Trolls, for they have fought side by side and back to back against Evil and Chaos many many times before and since the Gods Peace, and a follower of Satrom who reveals himself to a Dark Troll as such can expect a welcoming hand and respect (and also very likely an invite to a dangerous and thrilling Chaos Hunt, lucky people).

Satroms Cult has few rules and restrictions, and matters of marriage and love are no different. There are no cult strictures specifically asking for fidelity in marriage (though it is nice to be truthful and honest), and absolutely nothing relating to chastity or celibacy in doctrine. For many Satrom worshippers, whether Priesthood or Initiate, life is fast, wild and sometimes gloriously short, so why complicate the fun things in life?


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