A Kingdom on the northerly coast of the Turbulent West, its inhabitants live within a land of meadows, light forest and hills with marshlands along the coastline. It is ruled by a King or Queen decided on merit rather than continuous heredity, with the many Nobles of the land convening at the capital city Honodall to decide on a new monarch when the old one dies. The current King and Queen are Baros and Vanya respectively, and were elected to the Throne 4 years ago; they are still in their early 20’s and many years of happy and wise rule is expected from them.

The Priestesses of The Silent Lady assist in the transfer of power whenever a new King and Queen are raised; this sect follow Sensu in her aspect as Nurturer, Goddess of Love and Life with the Cult being far and away the main religion within this realm. Even Nerukata only has small shrines within the borders of Turlavayne with splendid temples and abbeys to The Silent Lady dotting the land. Given the importance of this Cult, women are greatly honoured and loved within the land and lines are often (but not always) traced through the female side, with husbands taking the womens surname as a badge of respect and love.

The people of the land have always resisted conquerors from without and the over ambitious from within to maintain the lives and institutions that make up this land. The army is a loose affair with well motivated warriors from both the nobility and the commonfolk all united in the defence of the realm. Weapons are varied, with no real standardisation, but the inspiration of the Silent Lady and her clergy more than makes up for this, and no man or woman goes off to war with less than the best their village, town or priestess can afford. It has close to 500,000 people living within its borders, and all men are expected to be competent with weapons and to defend the land, the Silent Lady and women at all times. As supposedly “barbarian” kingdoms go Turlavayne has a romantic idealised image amongst some of the more civilized lands, as a typical warrior of the land is well armed, skilled, brave to a fault and honourable, with their honour code approaching some aspects of chivalry. The Turlavaynian attitude towards courtesans is also markedly different to most other nations as their Courtesans are also Acolytes of the Silent Lady, giving worship through acts of love and the promotion of romance and desire to better exalt their divine patron. Within their homeland their status and regard is higher in many ways than that of the nobility, and regarded as Holy with amazing skills and powers regarding love and passion. This unfortunately gives rise to a perception that all people from Turlavyane are sexually immoral, depraved, libidinous and of loose morals, when the truth is far more complex than the limited understanding of the outside world.

Vaynian is the language of the people here, with many being able to speak or get by in Armanian as well. The Vaynian language is a very sensual and pleasing tongue, and songs sung in it almost invariably sound better. Theatre is popular here, and the art style is very naturalistic and tactile, with sculpture admired as much for the way it feels as the way it looks.

Slavery is not permitted within the realm, and any who would bring slaves within its borders had best be prepared to lose them as they are freed; “The air of Turlavayne and the Love of the Silent Lady make all free” is a famous quote to one of their Priestess many years ago, and that best sums things up.

Main trade imports are silks from the Empire and cottons from Bassur, along with linens and other goods from Vardonne as the land is well served by its warm temperate climate, fertile soil and rich deep forests. Timber, amber and salt are main exports, though Turlavyanian wool is also a sought after commodity.

Relations with other lands are polite but often misunderstood; not surprising given the stereotype people have in mind when they think of Turlavyane, that the women are depraved and the men weak and dominated. Antipathy exists between Koltovaere and Turlavayne due to vastly differing social systems, though the distance between the 2 means little in the way of real hostilities exist. The realm of Uleywyn is a closed book to the Turlavaynians and both realms leave one another well alone. The greatest disdain recently has been directed towards Menetia due to the unsettling growth of slavery as an industry and the backbreaking cruelty many of its citizens toil under; the Autocracy has no friends here though the common folk of Menetia have the sympathy of the Silent Ladys people. One distant but promising ally is Vardonne, especially within the last 30 years, as certain cultural mores in Turlavayne have influenced Vardonnais culture and a degree of reciprocity is evident, with Vardonnais military advisers offering suggestions and merchants of both peoples trading in mutually beneficial goods.


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