Sensu wave blessed

Sensu is the Mother of the Gods, and is the wife and co ruler of the Heavenly Gods with her Divine Husband Nerukata. Her sphere is of the Sea, Love, Light, Childbirth, Animals, Song and Dance, and she has many different titles, such as Queen of Heaven, Goddess of the Waves and Mother of Life to name but a few.

When Tiada, the Primal Force Goddess gazed upon Nerukata when he burst forth from the remains of the Deity Time, she conceived Passion and so was Sensu born, being the Goddess if Light and Passion. Nerukata and Sensu bonded immediately and shared many secrets together. After the defeat of Tiada and the Evil gods Time began to take its toll on all the Gods and their existence (for there was no longer a god powerful enough to control time), the Gods used the remains of Tiada to create the world, but even then it was not sufficient to stop the slow wasting away they all felt. It was Sensu who came to Nerukatas aid and she gave him the knowledge of how to create the intelligent races of mortals in the gods image, for these would provide worship and power for the gods to subsist and thrive upon. She herself created the animals with which to feed, serve and support the peoples he created. During the war with Tiada and her allies, Mowta was captured and imprisoned by Nerukata for his crimes, and using Mowtas blood mixed with clay was how Nerukata created Man, in time Sensu and Nerukata showed other deities how to create worshippers, and so various races were made in their gods images. The downside to this method of creation was that since Mowtas blood was tainted with Evil, the potential for Evil (as well as Good) was present in all mortal entities and all would learn and know Fear. Even Mowta and the Evil gods learned of the ways to create life, with Mowta creating Ogres as his dark mirror to Man, and Yesan Broo and other wildly Chaotic and bizarre things.

Sensu is honoured by all people of good heart, and her love for life is limitless. She is the softness and compassion to Nerukatas strength and power and the two compliment one another perfectly. The Mother of Satrom, Bumi-Bijiran, Perang and Ciha, she is the undisputed loving Matron of the Heavenly gods, but as strong and elemental as the Sea she cares for.

Her greatest Temple is the Hama Salleia in Armarissa, and there the Great Wave Mother holds court as her greatest Priestess on the Mundane Plane. Her own Cult is less dogmatic and organised than Nerukatas, but perhaps more widespread amongst the fringe lands around the Inner Sea as a result. Her name is known as the Silent Lady within Turlavayne for example, and whilst being the same deity is worshipped in different ways with different strictures. Her tenets are compassion and a good heart in all things, the protection of the wronged and weak, and the giving of succour to any who need it. Love is to be celebrated, respect of animals and the Sea expected and any act that creates new life and joy to be encouraged and nurtured.

Her High Holy day is the Festival of Light and Love, held on the first day of the seventh month and is a shared day of celebration with Nerukata. Three days before and after the date are given over to feasting, prayers and celebrations and they are days eagerly looked forward to by her worshippers, whether Initiate or Lay. Her followers obviously number many women, but both genders follow her, with sailors, shepherds (those who don’t follow Satrom), sea traders and merchants; it is also true that prostitutes of both genders follow her in her aspect as the Goddess of Love.

Priestly garb is of blues and whites, and is made of silks and linens, though there are regional variations, with weather and civilization level having a big bearing on styles and customs. There is no weapon synonymous with the Cult and no official form of armoured protection though a member of the clergy (who can occasionally be male) will wear armour if it is necessary.

Cult skills reflect her interests, being Animal Lore, Boat, Craft, Evaluate, First Aid, Human Lore, Orate, World Lore and Swim. Training in all of these skills is possible at anything of Small Temple size and upwards, and often at Shrine level as well. (NB: In the Cult of the Silent Lady in Turlavayne, there is also a cult skill called Courtesan which is counted as being just as important as the others; this explains much about the Turlavaynians. They also have a unique Divine spell not seen or used outside of the Silent Lady cult).

Cult magic also reflects her interests;

Spirit – Coordination, Demoralize, Detect Enemy, Glamour, Heal, Light, Mindspeech, Protection, Repair, Strength.

Divine – Breathe Air/Water, Command( Undine, most sea creatures and land animals), Float, Heal Body, Lightning, Shield, Erotocomatose Lucidity (special Silent Lady spell).

The institution of marriage is important to Sensu, but as important if not more so is Love and so long as a love is true and deep, much can be forgiven; after all she forgave Nerukatas unfaithfulness with their child Bumi-Bijiran and the subsequent creation of Yesan Who Hungers, and no greater forgiveness could be imagined than that. The Priesthood is expected to be faithful when married, but compared to the clergy of Nerukata it is not expected to be chaste outside of wedlock, especially the faithful of the Silent Lady aspect worshipped in Turlavayne.

Sensu’s Cult is very friendly with most Cults, given that they are her children; her attitude to Loksan and Ba’Ath is amicable though she has a correct reserve dealing with them (they are not always trustworthy). Her views on the Evil deities are where her reserves of mercy and love stop, for she knows the Evil they represent and that they are completely beyond redemption.

Unusually, a Priestess of Sensu can travel in wilderness with little chance of danger from wildlife, and if there is an area sworn to a Nymph, then there is no chance of danger for her; Nymphs seem to have a fondness for Sensu, and she for them.


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