The Lady's Grace

A perfectly balanced rapier with a strong yet stylish guard and pommel, a blade with strange natural swirls marked upon its shimmering blade. The light makes the blade have a rose or cyan coloured hue depending on how the light catches it.

weapon (melee)

This weapon imparts a +5 to both Attack and Parry due to its great balance, damage of 1d6 +3 due to its incredibly sharp and keen edge and 10 Armour Points instead of 8 due to the sturdyness and cleverness of the guard.

It has a clever cross quillon guard reinforced with a light oval, a pommel and grip made with lambs leather and a blade that has unusual swirling patterns along its length. The blade shows different colours, with either a rose or cyan coloured hue depending upon the light reflecting on the blade. It’s balance is flawless and when wielded it almost feels like an extension of your hand and wrist.


Tycho the Smith created this weapon as an order for Bucephala. Tycho declares it to be the best weapon he has ever made, a singularily marvellous masterpiece. He said that over the last few nights he had been somewhat driven to complete this weapon, and he has no idea how the metal of the blade has taken on this colour or the swirling whorls of pattern along the length of the blade, for it was not something he has allowed or designed for. He feels the name “The Lady’s Grace” somehow best suits the weapon, though he knows no reason why he should call it that. He is proud of his achievement, and it bears his mark at the base of the blade.

The Lady's Grace

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