A tall thin faced woman in wool and cotton clothing, with long fair hair gathered up in a pile with pins. Brown eyes with slight crows feet.


An unprepossessing figure at first glance, this woman is studied, calm and polite in all things she does. Her clothes are well made but simple, like they are an afterthought. She appears to be in her middle years, with the odd strand of grey through her fair hair.

She has declared herself as an Adept Sorceress, and therefore must be of some power and skill, and her name and accent mark her as coming from the Empire.


Trienus has been a resident of Padiha for a little over 20 years now, and has become something of an institution to the sorcery using cognoscenti, being easy to deal with, blessedly free of excessive ego and fair in her dealings. Her rule is “If I didn’t need to cast a spell I won’t charge you”. She is known to maintain ties to her homeland and shipments from the Empire arrive regularly at her small shop.

Her apprentice is a young man called Pertosca, and he is a native Padihan from a minor family of merchants, somewhat shunned for his choice in vocation. He doesn’t seem to mind at all, and his easy happy manner is normally the first thing customer encounter when they enter the premises. A man who knows he is in the early stages of a lifetime of learning and profoundly loving every moment.

What is publicly known is that she is the unofficial expert and contact on sorcerous matters for many in the Senate, due in large part to her impartiality in Padihan politics and eminent discretion.


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