Klytes Avenicus

Short, slight sparrow like man, with white hair, twinkling brown eyes with deep laughter lines and a splendid white moustache.


He wears robust, well made yet travel stained clothing in a hodge podge of styles, and a battered disreputable pair of boots that appear to be Cletian in style. He has a walking stave that he carries and a backpack and belt full of pouches. His walk is brisk and his eyes are always looking around at the world, with a childlike smile on his face.


Klytes is regarded by many (including himself) as a great philosopher and scholar and holds the position (in absentia) of a Master at the Magna Ludata in Armarissa. Of a well to do family, he is now sometime into his early 60’s but still spry and hale, which is just as well as he has spent the last 3 years travelling, being in Bassur, Cletia (without permission), leaving Cletia hurriedly and the last 7 months in the Black Wastes studying and living with Dark Trolls. All this was done when he left Armarissa under something of a cloud, due to his theological musings on the nature of Ba’Ath and Loksan in the pantheon (some of the more reactionary elements of the clergy took offense). He now returns to Armarissa to test the waters and see if the hubbub has died down. He surely hopes so, as he feels the burning urge to teach again.

Klytes Avenicus

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