Ketael Minal

Short, well built and very handsome, with long curling golden hair, brown eyes and chiselled features, this scale armoured man bears a longspear over his shoulder and a corinthian helmet pushed back on his head.


Ketael was born in the citystate of Ateliket to a priest of Nerukata and a priestess of Sensu. As is the Ateliketian custom he was raised as an Initiate of Nerukata the Noble and Mighty Sun, but realised his path was not yet (or even maybe ever) that of a priest. With his great friend Bucephala he has fell in with a band of 2 Altaic Nomads and 1 Bassuri sailor, deciding that an adventuring life and road of self discovery is the way to find his path. His parents hope that he shall return someday with more knowledge of the world and a more restful heart to take up the robes and duties of a priest.

He now tries to follow the role of Ateliketian warrior in dress and equipment, but he lacks a little confidence and indeed skill with his weapons. He looks to his friends for advice and guidance on which way to go and is not very worldly, indeed is slightly naive.

He is pious and respects the Gods, especially his own patron Nerukata of course, and his most treasured possession is his Healing SunDisk, gifted to him by his father before he set sail.

Ketael fell on the so called Island of Hell, sacrificing his life in a powerful Divine Intervention that destroyed the evil on the island but also took his life; his funeral at Calvia was a sad and sombre affair, scarcely made better with the knowledge that he died saving his friends from the evil that almost befell them and that now he rests in Heaven with Nerukata. In the end, he had no regrets in his actions and in the words of the plain speaking Altai, “He died a warriors death, with honour”; a fitting epitaph some might say.

Ketael Minal

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