Haskull the Sage

Cranky and crotchety septeganarian with a bald pate and straggly beard. He is the so far living embodiment of miserable old coffin dodger.


Haskull is the self styled Sage of Santon. Since there’s no-one else locally who knows what a Sage looks like he can make free with his title and claim. An old, miserable misanthrope and general curmudgeon about town. It’s been said that a smile from him would actually kill him. This is untrue, though it would certainly cause him actual pain.

He is also Santons resident (and only known) sorceror. He makes some of his talents available for tuition at a hefty fee and he cares nothing for what anyone thinks of him. He is also prepared to cast spells for those who are prepared to pay his going rates, and he hates hagglers.

Haskull the Sage

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