Ceressa ami UrKhaigen

Slightly shorter than average height but with an athletic and toned frame, this young woman is ever alert with deep blue eyes and a girlish face.


Her armour is a mixture of soft leather, bezainted and courboulli, with an old well used broadsword as her weapon. She also seems to have a heavy parrying dagger on her hip, and several knives about her person that you can see.

Fast, light moving and aggressive swordplay is her style, surprisingly adept for one so young. Her voice is clear and confident, and her protective gaze never leaves her brother for long.


Ceressa ami UrKhaigen is the sister of Burennos, and his shadow when out and about. Whilst he devoted his youth and early adulthood to learning and scholarly crafts, she has devoted herself to weapons and tactics, for she wishes to safeguard him against the assassins of the Autocracy should they ever come calling. The 6 surviving Menetian soldiers who followed them into exile are aged from 40 to 60, and are devoted and proud servitors of the last of their Royal Family. The men all look to Ceressa as their leader, and in some ways surrogate daughter given they taught her much of what she knows in weapons and arms.

Ceressa ami UrKhaigen

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