Burrenos dol UrKhaigen

Medium of build and height, this brown haired and blue eyed young man is softly spoken, considered of thought and alert of gaze.


His clothing is of linens and wool, with an overcloak of trimmed leather and well worn halfboots. His dagger at his side is well worn, and his rapier is plainly made. If he leaves the city, he wears light yet well made armour though he obviously dislikes wearing it or the need for it.

Clever, studious and watchful, his voice is low and sometimes barely more than a murmur. He never seems to relax his guard at any moment.


Burrenos dol UrKhaigen is the last legitimate male heir to the throne of Menetia, being smuggled overseas as a small child when the revolution destroyed his father and the rest of the Royal family; Duke Tembren dol UrKhaigen (the younger brother of the king) was his father, who reputedly died fighting off the revolutionary hordes at his estates giving time for his young son and pregnant wife to escape with a few loyal soldiers and servants.

His mother died several years after giving birth to his sister Ceressa, having never truly recovered from the loss of her husband and the traumatic aftermath of the Revolution.

He now lives in Armarissa, keeping a low profile to avoid Menetian Autocracy assassins. He is guarded by several staunchly loyal old soldiers and servants still loyal to his family, and at the age of 24 has become the youngest Master of Philosophy and Rhetoric at the Magna Ludata in 4 generations. His sister Ceressa ami UrKhaigen also stays in their modest dwelling on the grounds of the Magna Ludata, and indeed regards him as her personal charge.

Burrenos dol UrKhaigen

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