Adeline Kothui

A tall athletic looking woman, with jet black hair, blue eyes and fine pale features. There is a slight quirk of a smile on her lips, which occasionally changes to a frown if annoyed.


Dubbed “Black Adeline” due to her hair and fondness for dark clothing (and also for her somewhat mysterious reputation), this beautiful woman appears in her early 20’s, but then again she has always appeared so. Her real age is unknown but there are rumours and records that indicate a person by her name and appearance were documented in the days of the Great Civil War. Her clothing tends towards fine silks with a black and dark blue colouration, and she has several items of jewellery about her person that whilst being quite plain are rune encrusted.

She is a known Magus and the most powerful native Armanian Sorceress currently within the Empire; even the Valheeni Delegation accord her with a measure of respect and regard her as an equal (which is a great rarity within the Inner Sea regions).


For decades Black Adeline has lived within Armarissa and been the subject of rumour and flights of imagination and fancy. She is known to be the Imperial Courts unofficial expert on sorcerous matters for those moments when the Throne doesn’t wish to involve The Valheeni Delegation. For her part, she is known to be on good terms with the Emperor and was a confidante to his late wife Empress Maranixes, and this usefulness has allowed sorcery in the Empire of late to achieve a better status than its former reputation as being practised by dangerous magical meddlers. In her palatial residence within the Magna Ludata grounds she is well known as a scholar of note and holds an honorary Mastership for the University. She is hard to reach and purposely aloof to avoid being bedevilled by ordinary people, and only entertains or accommodates new acquaintances once they have been recommended to her by people she actually knows and respects. Not an easy task, and she is known to be very curt and intolerant of fools and timewasters. Her most prominent Familiar, a large Black Panther called Shamuur is a recognised and occasionally feared figure sometimes seen wandering the streets on her business, unbothered by citizens and guards alike; Shamuur can talk in a growly purring voice, has a sharp turn of phrase and the easy arrogance of a 135 kg magic using Cat.

Adeline Kothui

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