Tales from the Inner Sea

Sailing to the Empire with a letter and a toggle full of Sylph

The party divide up the proceeds of the wolf pelt sale 5 ways ( Varediis Eloi declines any of the proceeds for honour reasons) and some resolve to spend theirs immediately; szletko spends a thousand Lara on a Strength enhancement that will last him a year and the group as a whole give 600 Lara to Trienus summon a Sylph and place it within The Bone Toggle binding enchantment. Abbas Jalil decides against spending any more money for now, for he does not have the time to be trained in a new spell, and lacks the funds to purchase a meaningful Damage Resistance on himself. Whilst speaking to the Sorceress, the party consider the sale of the The Crystal Mannequin to her, but she declines, for its price cannot be easily established and moreover she doesn’t trust the item for try as she might she cannot get past whatever is within the thing to see its greater uses or purpose. After some debate, Cassio of Padiha and Bucephala Clangula persuade the others to hang onto it a while longer for it may yet be a useful tool, especially if they are heading to the Empire where another pair of sneaky eyes may assist them. Business thus concluded, Trienus bids them good day as she shuts up shop to begin the preparation of the Sylph summoning and Binding.

Cassio noted that The Large bickering, arguing, Magical Sword had actually stopped haranguing him for a while, and he got the impression that it seemed happy over his performance against the Wraith the night previously. He also noted that a very vivid memory/vision occurred when speaking to the sword about it, one of a mist wreathed battlefield in cold climes where he saw through the eyes of a warrior who had just slain another using a 2 handed sword (oddly enough not this sword); the warriors he could see battling were unusual and unfamiliar to his cosmopolitan eyes. The vision stopped as abruptly as it came. Though he had had the odd vision from the sword as part of his instruction, this felt different somehow.

Cassio then pays a visit to his mercantile agent Asturio D’Lorio and asks him to wisely invest the 10000 Lara he is leaving behind, the rest being travelling moneys and loose change. The agent advises he shall do so, paying especial attention to rumours of war to the east. The party decide that leaving with Varediis to The Armavine Empire as soon as possible is the best policy, and to that end Cassios sister Menia Ansprand is consulted, for she is nominally in charge of the merchant shipping arm of the Ansprand resources and can arrange passage on an Ansprand vessel easily; as it turns out a merchant vessel is scheduled to depart for Armarissa within the day, and the party can easily be accommodated aboard it. It also has 2 additional passengers who have paid for passage, one being the Sunfather Militant Ascaus Medrenna and the other being the mildly infamous if not notorious philosopher Klytes Avenicus, apparently heading home from a period of 3 years travelling. The party consider the travelling companions and whether to go straight to the Imperial Capital or take a more circumspect route. In the end they decide to make a direct play for Armarissa, with the presence of the warrior priest Ascaus a good thing and the presence of the famous philosopher at the very least a point of interest.

This arranged, the party decide to divert themselves in their individual ways for the rest of the day and the evening, with Czerlai and Szletko heading for the nearest brothel to drink and carouse. Bucephala visited the temple to Nerukata and was pleased to encounter Ascaus, sharing with him the knowledge of their mutual travel arrangements. The warrior priest was pleased to have some company he could talk with over matters of faith and action, here in the temple and indeed for the journey to the Empire. The 2 swapped stories of their adventures back and forth as the day wore onto evening with a rapt audience of acolytes, initiates and even junior priests listening and hanging on every word. The young Ateliketian found the views and lifestyle of the Militant SunFather intriguing, with perhaps some notions of what he might aim for in his own future.

Abbas and Varediis took advantage of a quiet evening at the apartments and chambers of Cassio, with Varediis in particular enjoying the sauna and bath house. The extensive and barbarous scarring over his body (a memento and reminder of his 3 years as a Brosengyn prisoner where he was scourged, whipped and tortured daily) was evident to any who watched, with some of the more squeamish servants and residents of the building being discomfited by his appearance.

Cassio meanwhile enjoyed an evening meal in one of the more pleasant eateries and inns in the city, accompanied by his sister, the family factor Bisinus and his mother Rodelinda Ansprand, as they talked and thought of the future, knowing that they may not meet again for some time. Such family partings are often bittersweet, but they enjoyed a good evening.

The night passed and the suns dawning light banished the darkness. This brought some good news, for a runner had come from Sara ; she had created 2 cloaks out of the 2 pelts the Altai had given her and they were duly delivered with kind thanks. The workmanship and craft in the Wolfskin cloaks was remarkable, and the 2 nomads gratefully accepted them (even gifting a 5 Lara reward to the young messenger who was suitably delighted). The party then went to the docks, stopping at the shop of Trienus on the way to collect the bone toggle and its bound Sylph. Sure enough, Trienus handed them the enchantment, and Czerlai was able to confirm that a powerful Sylph was bound inside. Trienus also passed a letter of introduction to Abbas that would allow him to gain an audience with her Mistress, the famous (at least in the Empire) Adeline Kothui. A grateful Abbas accepted the letter and with that the party headed for the ship.

The docks of Padiha in the morning are busy, and eventually the party get their way to the ship, a good sized Uskaris trading vessel. The crew are making ready, the ships guards (comprising 2 Padihan House Guards of House Ansprand and 6 Koltovaeran mercenaries of fearsome aspect) are on the deck, and the other 2 passengers stand on the prow. Cassio is met by his mother and sister before he goes, and though no tears flow (for they are too strong for that in front of the help and public) it is an emotional parting. As the ship makes ready to depart and the captain makes the usual offerings to Sensu and Satrom for a safe journey, the party make their horses and chattels good for travel, and their eyes once again fall on their 2 fellow passengers.

The new figure the party note next to SunFather Ascaus must be the philosopher, and a strange old man he seems to be, dressed in a mix of Armavine, Bassuri and Cletian garb, laden down with various bags and pouches. This journey, whilst sailing through the well patrolled waters of the eastern Inner Sea, may be as interesting and eventful as the ones they have had so far. The likely 8 day journey promises much…


As the view from the Ansprand family Solar room commands a great view of the city and the Harbour, it is a good vantage point for one who would wish to see the coming and going of ships in the distance. In fact, it is such a good vantage point that a pair of eyes that know what ship to look for (especially when using a Farsee spell) can see it leave for the capital city of the greatest nation in the Inner Sea. The eyes owners watch this one ship, never wavering from it, until it has passed out of sight. The eyes owners also raise a glass of a particularly expensive and costly wine and pour its contents out onto the floor of the room as a libation, unmindful of the stain it makes on the carpet, and sends a prayer to Sensu and Satrom that this ship bears its passengers and one in particular safely; surely a father, even an intractable and angry one, can ask this of the gods?


So that was Padiha. Seemed it could be an interesting place to spend a month or two, especially in chariot racing season (and excellent brothels), but pressing matters carry us on our journey.

Very kind of Sara to make these cloaks for us. Hope she does well.

Now onward to this Empire I have heard so much about…


I will be glad to leave, while Padiha was pleasant enough that encounter with the wraiths still sends shivers down my spine. But I am looking forward to the empire and the journey it is good to be back at sea. I wish to engage this wise man in conversation I suspect he has knowledge to be imparted and knowledge is always a welcome thing.


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