Yesan Who Hungers is perhaps the most terrible of the evil deities, for he lacks all restraint in his limitless desire to consume and devour all that he sees. The fact that he was born of a rare act of folly and weakness by Nerukata is also a part of why he is feared and despised so. He is commonly depicted as a looking like a one eyed Broo (for he was the one who created those foul things in a perversion of Bumi-Bijirans fertility and lifegiving nature), though he has a number of different forms that he wears, with some cultures making him appear as a huge locust for example; he is one eyed in all of his forms though.

When Sensu lay pregnant with Perang and sequestered from the world, Nerukata longed to lay with his wife but could not for her condition. Instead, he gazed upon his daughter Bumi-Bijiran (who was always accounted as astonishing to the eye) and knew, for a brief moment a dark and overwhelming lust. He seduced her and rendered her pregnant against all the laws and concepts of decency. With the great heat of the Pitiless sun (as he was for that moment) beating down upon the fertile earth (as Bumi-Bijiran is), the child that was created was a son who had the power of the father but not the nurture of the mother, and so Famine and Desolation was born in the form of Yesan. Bumi-Bijiran tried to raise the child as best she could, but with the sin of his father making Nerukata turn his eyes from him and the hollow infinite emptiness of want burning in his soul, Yesan grew wrathful, spiteful and greedy for all he could seize. He longed for his father to love him and acknowledge him, but Nerukata could barely look his own son in the eye, and so Yesans jealousy grew.

Eventually, it came to a head, for Yesan attacked and consumed his brother-uncle Satrom (ever the favourite of Nerukata) in a treacherous moment and he also abducted his sister-mother Bumi-Bijiran, for he wished her lifegiving nature to feed him and grant him solace; perhaps he also wished to possess her as his father possessed her.

For some time the Heavens were wracked by the actions of Yesan, but when Sensu gave birth to her son Perang, she confronted Yesan, who was stunned for precious moments by the terrible beauty of Sensu; in that moment, Bumi-Bijiran rose up and struck Yesan down with a sickle, and used the dying god to winnow the land and plant crops to heal the land that had fallen into harm during her capture and Yesans ascendancy. The first crops grew Satrom (as Bumi-Bijiran intended), but in time Yesan also grew, for Want and Famine will always be present in a world created from the remains of Tiada.

He also tried to eat Ba’Ath when she was cast out of Hell, for she was weak, beautiful and he dearly wished for her suffering to be his to taste forever. The fact that she was rescued from his clutches by Loksan and he was maimed in the doing eternally rages in the cold empty heart of the Famine God. After Nerukata (the father who denied him) and Bumi-Bijiran (the mother who struck him down), he hates Loksan and Ba’Ath the most.

After the Gods Peace locked the gods into Heaven and Hell, Yesan found himself as one of 3 evil deities in Hell. He cared nothing for them, and whilst he occasionally assisted or participated in their evil schemes, he tends to do his own apocalyptic plans and wishes in his own desolate corner of Hell. He tried to experiment in creating life and servitors, and his result was the Broo (as much to hurt and offend Bumi-Bijiran as a serious effort to create servitors), though he ignored them as soon as they were created.

Despite not having a large amount of worshippers, he has enormous power for the suffering of those who Hunger or Want strengthens him and makes him happy (or as much as he can ever be happy). He hates all life and all of creation, and his singleminded wish is for all to feed him.

His followers tend towards madness and inhuman evil, for no sane person can wish what he wishes for. He grants his followers great personal power, but it ultimately consumes them, for the mortal soul should never seek to emulate or even be a pale shadow of the One Who Hungers.


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