Uleywyn is a small barbarian kingdom with a population close to 200,000 and a capital city of 10,000 souls called Wynoreth. It covers a heavily forested region roughly in the centre of the Western Coastline. It’s inhabitants live within a Kingdom that has existed for over 1000 years, resisting any attempt at invasion, external alliance and perceived interference. Invaders, proselytizers and unwanted traders are given short shrift from the Wynian folk, with reactions varying from blocked borders and coldness through to outright violence and lightning attacks from hiding.

The typical Wynian is very different to other racial groups in the Inner Sea, being tall, slender, fine featured (none are ugly, and most are at the very least attractive) with hair running all colours, though eyes always seem to be green or brown, never blue. They are not given to fidgeting or loose movement, always moving in controlled and graceful ways. Their clothing is simple and functional, often fulfilling other functions, with large kilts and wound tunics often becoming bedrolls or tents when needed. Browns and greens are universal outside wear for their camouflage and earthy tones, and well made boots made from leather are utilised due to the supposed outside lifestyle many seem to follow.

They do trade at a small city on the coast which rarely allows foreigners to proceed into the interior. This isolationist realm is ruled by a King (or Queen) and what is known is that there are communities of elves who dwell within the borders of the land who live in harmony with the humans who in turn live in harmony with the beautiful and awe inspiring mist covered forests and hills that make up so much of the Kingdom. Wynians are famed as woodsmen and archers of almost supernatural skill who kill from hiding any who attempt to harm the people or the land and forests. The religion they follow is a form of Shamanism that has an exceedingly elven slant to it, with heavy mysticism prevalent in day to day life. Some have proposed that the Wynians might actually be worshipping the same religion as the Elves, but so far it is mere speculation as none will be drawn on spiritual matters. Missionaries of the Gods are strictly forbidden entry into the land. Any who try can take small comfort in their likely martyrdom as transgressors are dealt with harshly and finally.

The occasions for trade largely focus around the various types of highly prized lumber that Uleywyn allows for export, but as the wood used is dead wood instead of felling living trees the prices can be high and availability less than desirable. There are still rare occasions where unscrupulous and wicked outlanders try to land and fell trees along the coastline, but only the brave or foolish would dare, as the fate of those caught (and more are caught than succeed) is extremely violent and merciless. For their part the Wynians trade for glass, copper and some iron.

The Wynian musicianship on the harps they play and their haunting melodies in singing can break hearts, and the origins of the belief that the blood of woodland, river and mountain nymphs supposedly flows in the veins of the Wynian people can be understood. Few speak Armanian, with their own musical tongue heavily influenced by that of the elven and other Fading People.

In military terms, the Wynian martial strength lies in its archers. No other realm in the Inner Sea and likely beyond has archers that can approach the skills and abilities of the Wynians, and their longbows cause horrific damage. The rapidity of their fire is a marvel to behold, and they use the naturally heavily wooded land to their maximum advantage, always striking from cover where least expected and melting back into the leafy shadows. Invaders have learned to fear the sound of “The Harp with a Thousand Strings” as it is known.

They have no friends, have no overseas Embassies and entertain no diplomats. Trade missions in the coastal trading city only known as Aschindir are tolerated, and that city’s population of 4000 is almost exclusively made up of foreigners. The walls that surround it are patrolled on the outside battlements (there are no battlements within) by Wynian guards and archers who shoot anyone trying to leave the city by land without permission. Only by express invite are outlanders allowed beyond the walls.


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