The Wyrm Peaks

A large range of mountains that lie to the north of the Samsumar Jungle, this area is so named due to the presence of Wyrms that lair in the mountains themselves, and also (so legend has it) Dragons. The mountains vary from ones who are only a few thousand feet high all the way the greatest peaks that stretch over 20,000 feet high. Some dwarf clans reside within the mountains in cunningly hidden and VERY heavily defended clanholds and make no attempt to contact the outside world. There are also supposedly some tribes of humans who live in the lower mountainous and hilly areas, though how they survive in an area so dangerous rife with Wyrms, Giants, Griffins, Wyverns and (possibly) Dragons is not known.
There are few visitors to this mountainous and dangerous area. Wyrms, Wyverns and so on let alone the slight possibility of Dragons has that effect one would suppose.

Of all the human settlements in the Peaks, the best known is called Cold Eye Water, a port town located up one of the fjords of the eastern coastline. Whilst modest and small by the standards of even the most humble realms of the Inner Sea, it is a veritable metropolis compared to the other known settlements in the Peaks. A steady population of about 700 souls call it home, and apart from a small trade in amber, semi precious stones and furs it has little to commend it to the outside world. Still, any who choose to come to the Wyrm Peaks for whatever strange reason are wise to make landfall at this humble port, for the locals are comparatively friendly and it is a good place for people to learn more about the perilous mountains and its various dangers and points of interest. It is ruled by a Chieftain called Yubar Penkardine, a once ferocious warrior and now canny old inspiration to his subjects. He is advised by a small council made up of the leading artisans and priests of the settlement, and has led Cold Eye Water for over 20 years.

Cold Eye Water is much like other settlements in the Peaks regarding basic architecture, using wood and stone equally for walls and buildings, but it has some key differences, being as it sits under a pronounced overhang of cliffs that makes for improved defence from aerial threats. A waterfall pours out from the cliffs that the settlement has grown around, providing the main source of drinking water and also giving the settlement its name. The main buildings are the Chieftains Longhouse and the 2 small Temples to Bumi-Bijiran and Satrom respectively, though small Shrines to the other Gods are present out of respect. A small market is present with some small shops including an armourer/blacksmiths, Herbalists, Weavers and other establishments.

Defences are several towers with imported (and expensive) Arbalests mounted upon them to tackle threats, and as well as the Chieftains Houseguards (who number 25), many of the inhabitants are able to use weapons, from spears and axes to bows. There is also a Lodge of the Storm Hunters present (the Rangers and huntsmen who also act as guides and messengers within the Peaks) attached to the Satrom Temple, and as is their custom, they will defend the settlement against all threats.

There is one Inn/Tavern in the town, Korraleys Hearth, and it is a large hostelry built partly out on stilts over the water; rooms, drink and food are to be found here along with music and entertainment. Korraley was a mercenary from Koltovaere who settled in the area over 80 years ago, taking over and enhancing the inn from the previous owner. It has remained in the hands of her family since and now her great grand-daughter Karisten runs the place and is the youngest member of the small council at 22.

The Wyrm Peaks

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