The Ruins of Velicca

Located in what is now called the Bay of Jaws near Lyreniil and The Samsumar Jungles lies what remains of Velicca, a former Imperial Colony and military outpost. At it’s Imperial height Velicca was home to 25,000 people, mostly farmers and fishermen with a small garrison of troops, and when it gained it’s independence during the fallout of the Great Civil War, the city and it’s surrounds became a self governing County raising it’s own taxes and militia and growing steadily due to the good standard of living and the opportunity it’s fertile fields and valleys afforded. By the time of 64 AEA, it had reached 80,000, and was a thriving city well placed for what trade came from brave loggers and miners along the coast of Samsumar and the Wyrm Peaks. Sadly, at it’s height, the end of the colony came in blood, and fire and claws.

People were unsure of what provoked the Dragon though some suggested it was disturbed by miners in the Wyrm Peaks. Whatever happened, a Low Dragon of great size destroyed the mining settlements on the coast of the Peaks and then it proceeded to the city and colony of Velicca itself. For the next year it rampaged and ravaged freely, with no force in the colony able to combat it, and any attempt to send a ship for aid resulted in the ship being destroyed and the crew eaten. Eventually the violence ended after over a year of bloodshed, with thousands dead by Dragonfire or tooth and claw, with many others dying from starvation. The survivors who numbered less than 5000 fled for the Imperial Mainland or Lyreniil. The 1500 who made it to the Empire told horrific and terrifying tales of ancient things best left alone, but nothing more was heard of the 3000 who travelled the shorter distance to the coast of Lyreniil. Whether they died or found some kind of life is open to many folktales and stories.

Now the ruins of Velicca remain, and the occasional treasure hunter makes their way to see what they can find, but there is something wrong with the place. Cursed, haunted, people can’t quite decide. Certainly, of the people who travel there, many don’t come back.

As to what happened to the Dragon, people were unsure. If it now sleeps within the Peaks again, or whether it is laired within the ruins, nobody knows and given what happened to the many thousands in this once idyllic place, nobody wishes to go and find out.

The Ruins of Velicca

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