The Ferocious Northwest, Crucible of War

If one were to travel north and west of Menetia and the Great Range, one would travel through vast forests, hills and mountain ranges ravaged by terrible winters and hot summers. Within these lands reside many different barbarian tribes, clans and kingdoms, all at war with one another in a never ending maelstrom of conflict and competition. Few within the Inner Sea area know of what lies in these lands, and fewer have been. What is known is that the Stromovarii who rampaged their way to Merolinden and took over that land renaming it Voya were one of the larger clans from this region, and are a good example of what to expect from the people here. In truth the Stromovar are a little less wild and aggressive than they used to be (as hard as that is to believe) having learned a small vestige of control from their new environs.

The Brosengyn Horde

A good example of the tribes still here are the Brosengyn people, rulers of a vast area of forested mountains. They are violent, ruthless and over-proud, only kept from expanding by their equally violent if not so numerous neighbours. They have comparatively few horses within their hordes but culturally they raise a breed of Great Mastiff called the Brosengyn Killhound that they use within hunting and warfare (the 2 concepts very similar to these perilous people). These dogs fight alongside and in concert with their warriors, with each man having his own kennel of many animals that he takes pride and delight in maintaining and using. The animals have been bred to imprint from an early age and are ferociously loyal and obedient to the one who raised them. As the animals are often barded (the less wealthy use leather and cuirboulli and the wealthier using clever splinted armour), have very dense muscle and thick hide, they are a great danger when set upon the Brosengyn foes. Indeed, within the local warfare a charge of massed Killhounds followed immediately by their masters has been a devastating and decisive tactical tool.

Other tribes with seemingly equal bloodthirstiness and curious quirks abound, and students of history can make a reasonable claim that the same conditions that spawned the mass destructive migration of the Stromovarii could quite easily happen again given the right circumstances. Those few who pay attention to such things pray to the Gods that it will never happen again for should that occur it would plunge the western edges of the Inner Sea into disarray and anarchy.

The Ferocious Northwest, Crucible of War

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