Neraka is the Mother of Night, Nightmares Herald, the Immortal Shadow and Lady of Hell. She was originally the Goddess of the Sky in the ancient times before mortals walked, and one of Tiadas favourites who loved her Primal Mother. She remained loyal to Tiada when Time led the rebellion against her vicious and cruel tyrannies, but suffered terribly when Time leapt into the Sky at a crucial moment and sacrificed the greater part of his power to scatter the evil hosts, and in this moment that Nerukata the Beautiful Sun was created, she was burned and hurt badly, feeling pain that she could never have imagined. She fled to her mothers side again, and was given a new portfolio, that of the Night and all that causes fear in darkness. Neraka was held in almost as high a regard as Mowta, but when Tiada was finally slain and Mowta captured, Neraka fled to Hell, where she established her own realm where her bitterness and anger could be made manifest.

From Hell she sent Nightmares to scare the Mortals the gods created, and under cover of darkness and shadow she struck small and petty blows of malice at the Heavenly gods and their mortal proxies. Eventually, Mowta managed to flee and when he came to Neraka (for he liked what she had done with Hell), she resisted him as she would resist any who sought to do her harm and take from her what is hers. They fought a long time in Hell, with their rival followers waging mighty war on one another. Eventually, Mowta ralised that though he could beat her, in destroying her he would lose what he coveted the most; dark power and Hell itself. Instead, he offered his hand as a partner and husband, to rule alongside her. Neraka accepted, but a happy marriage it has never been, for she still thinks of that blinding moment of passion and dark twisted love she felt when Nerukata was born; also, both deities lack trust of one another (the only one trusted less is Yesan Who Hungers), and they plot and scheme against one another, though not as much as against the other gods.

She acceded to Mowtas wish to have a child for she wanted what Sensu had, namely a child to mould in her own image and wishes, and so Ba’Ath was born. Ba’Ath was ever difficult, and when the child was punished and broken by her fathers rage and will, Neraka was almost as cruel, though it was Neraka who cast her from Hell before Mowta could inflict the final blows to end Ba’Ath; maybe it was to spite Mowta, maybe it was the last motherly act to a banished daughter, it is not known.

Neraka learnt of how to create mortals from Mowta, but she has always preferred to create Demons in Hell. She has come to understand the importance of mortal followers, and her clergy are secretive and subtle, operating in secret and seeking to undermine the powers of the Heavenly gods, especially Sensu. It is this jealousy of the Heavenly gods and Sensu (the wife of beautiful Nerukata) that she feeds on to her followers.

She was, as the Sky Goddess, a winged woman of beautiful white and blue colouration, astonishingly alluring and free but after her burning and pain by the creation of Nerukata she is oft depicted as black as night, black as burning, ragged scorched wings with baleful red eyes and a hazy mist of smoke and shadows around her.

Her magics depend on Night and Darkness, and also how to manipulate the fears of the same amongst the minds of her foes. Her followers are the most subtle of the evil gods, for they lack the raw need to dominate that Mowta instils in his people, and the overwhelming appetites of Yesan’s few followers. Subtle watchfulness and cleverness is their watchword.


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