Tag: Of no fixed land


  • Abdel

    Formerly masquerading as the High Priest of the Cult of Gyvreck, Abdel was the very ideal of a Holy Man, however he was revealed to be an Ogre Sorceror of no little power. Now he and his beloved accomplice Belladonna have vanished, no doubt to cause more …

  • Belladonna

    Formerly the Female Priestess of the Gyvreck Sodality and Abdels second, she vanished when he did, and is his devoted protector and lover. For them, the world exists to serve them both and for no other reason.

  • Patch

    He's Patch. He can play a flute, and he likes things; other peoples things sometimes, and then they are his things. His partner and crony Solimara is never too far away, and the affectionate rivalry between them is evident in the good natured insults and …

  • Solimara

    Solimara is the close friend and ally of Patch, and between them they do what they can to get by, with absolutely no regard for the law or public decency. It could be said that he is the brains and she is the brawn, though they'd likely argue the …

  • Karragas

    Karragas does not like to speak of his people or where he comes from, and though he may be drawn on matters of faith and religion (Initiate of the Storm Bull and Lay Member of [[Sensu]]), he says little else.