Uskaris trading vessel

A solidly designed no nonsense trading vessel with a single central mast and a forward leaning bowsprit mast.


The Armavine/Padihan/Calvian equivalent of the Bassuri Dhow, this vessel is the one that merchants from the northern and eastern coasts turn to for their mercantile seagoing needs. It has a good sized cabin space set towards the raised rear of the ship, and as a whole compares favourably with the Dhow.

Hull type: Merchant
Hull Quality: 2d6+8
Seaworthiness Max: 28
Structure points: 80
Length: 24 metres
Beam: 7 metres
Capacity: 75 tons
Freeboard: 3 metres
Draft: 3 metres
Crew: 12 crew

It normally sells for 10,000 lara brand new, and is amongst the most durable vessels afloat.


The Uskaris is a popular trading vessel in the Empire and Padiha in particular, with many Padihan merchants using it as the workhorse of their trading fleets. It was originally developed in the Port city of Tarmella in the Empire, and it is often called the Tarmellan Chariot by sailors.

Uskaris trading vessel

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