The Large bickering, arguing, Magical Sword

A Greatsword of sleek and unusual design with a dark grey blade of amazing sharpness and a grip of black leather.

weapon (melee)

This sword does 2d8+2 damage, has 12 Armour Points (but the AP’s never diminish no matter what) and gives a plus 10% to it’s attack and parry. The reason for this is the Spirit/Entity bound to the weapon that speaks into the mind of its user, though anyone who does a Ceremony of Attunement can also hear and communicate with the Spirit. A person must be within 10 metres for this communication to work. The sword has a high handed, very overcritical and at times snobbish demeanour. The voice in ones head is hard to place, even gender cannot be determined. The sword doesn’t know how it came to be and its memory is faded, except when it comes to remembering the fights its been in. Those it remembers VERY well. It’s aggressive, loves to feel blood splash along its blade, the slice of flesh and bone and is a very adept instructor in how to fight with a 2 handed sword. It also has an opinion on everything, whether it knows anything about the subject or not.


Horric bought the sword from a travelling adventurer some years previously, and had regretted it ever since. Too lippy by half were his thoughts, so he was delighted that some rube has now bought it from him. At a slight profit too.

As the Greatsword (or indeed any kind of 2 handed sword) is normally used only in more Western realms of the Inner Sea such as Bassur, Koltovaere, Vardonne and Turlavayne and the assorted tribes and petty kingdoms of the Turbulent West, one could gather that it originated from such a place as those areas.

NB; Padihans being the cultural sponges that they are do have 2 handed sword as a cultural weapon with the base 15 chance due to the amount of Western Mercenaries who have served in the Merchant Kingdom over the years.

The Large bickering, arguing, Magical Sword

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