The Crystal Mannequin

A small 8 inch high crystal mannequin, faceted and cut in a highly stylised form. It has a clear cut and faceted appearance


Its hands are tiny yet fully detailed, with 4 fingers and a thumb. It has no feet, with its legs ending in sharp points, yet still when it is set down it stands upright and perfectly balanced. It’s head is narrow, slim and featureless, and it seems to be extremely resistant to damage.

If a person (and only one can be its master at a time) sacrifices a point of Pow to it, they become its master. It will do their bidding, and if the master concentrates they can see through its senses, albeit in black and white only. Once a person is its master, it will not work for any other whilst that person is alive.


Little is knowable about this item; Trienus the Sorceress could find nothing further about it, even using a 10 Intensity Mystic Vision, though she knows it is old, over 6000 years at least from what she can tell. Whoever created it was supremely talented and the enchantments and magics on it defy further scrying at this point.

The Crystal Mannequin

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