The Book of Love and the Words of the Silent Lady

A hand written and beautifully illustrated tome bound in pale blue leather. Some of the images are very racy, and others are downright rude


This book is written in Armanian, and is translated from the original Turlavaynian. It is a basic treatise on emotions, people and the various arts of love and relationships possible between people, whether man and woman, woman and woman, man and man and so on. It is frank in its subject matter but with a certain elegance and passion. That this is a religious tract from the religion of The Silent Lady says a great deal about the differences between Turlavayne and other nations regarding love and sexual matters. It teaches Human Lore to 40%, and it also teaches the skill Courtesan to the level of 30%; its previous owners (Maia of Turlavayne and Dyminiqua) have long since surpassed these humble levels of skill and gifted it to the party as a thank you and memento of what the party have done for them.


This book is a basic tract from Turlavayne and is entry level reading about this particular aspect of Sensu. Within Turlavayne it is seen as essential reading for any Initiate of the Silent Lady. It was written some 600 years or so previously by a Priestess who allegedly received the words in a (somewhat ecstatic) vision directly from the Goddess that she had over a 3 day period.

The Book of Love and the Words of the Silent Lady

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