Kenjaii's Breath

A compound longbow of simplicity but also marvellous workmanship, with a black lacquered appearance, chased with emerald green lettering and images along its length.

weapon (ranged)

This black lacquered and green chased compound longbow has a red string, and a pleasing balance to it. It can block up to 10 points of damage on a parry and it never loses armour points for any reason, being effectively unbreakable; it does 1d10+4 damage (plus half strength modifier), and grants a +15 to hit from the superior balance. Lastly, it grants the ability of any arrow fired from it to be able to affect things only affected by magic. A potent and magnificent cultural artifact of the Omiskiiran people.


Kenjaii was a noted and legendary archer and warrior of the Omiskiiran people, who made a name hundreds of years ago travelling the lands and slaying evil foes and protecting the land and the people. She was thought to have died in great heroism at the Battle of Taljin-Kee, blunting the attack of the Demonic Warlords inhuman allies and allowing final victory, at the expense of her own life. Her body and weapons vanished after the battle, one supposes that somemif not all ended up in the company of Varrax; perhaps she was Dragon Touched too?

Kenjaii's Breath

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