Kargs Hammer

A long handled Heavy mace with a solid leaden head and a sturdy haft. It looks brutally functional and has a reassuringly solid heft to it.

weapon (melee)

It does damage of 1d10+2 normally, with 14 AP’s, but against those touched by Chaos or Evil it does a further 4 points of damage. It thrills in the killing of Evil and Chaotic beings, and unless heavily outnumbered, reluctant to flee. One who does flee without having good cause (whatever that is) will find the weapon extremely heavy and clumsy to wield.


A Trollish weapon, (Karg is apparently one of the Dark Troll deities), it was reputedly forged and used by some now forgotten Trollish hero and Chaos Fighter, and eventually gifted to a worthy follower of Satrom. How it has in subsequent ages and centuries ended up in the hands of Honest Jon is not known.

Kargs Hammer

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