How to read Armanian, for children of all ages

A nice big book with nice pictures of monkeys, trees and other basic things. Big friendly handwriting, and no joined up lettering


Written by the famous scholar Procantius of Hedocia some 800 years previously, this well known and simple tome does a great job of helping the unlettered become lettered (at least up until a basic level of 20%), and does it in a friendly way; quite why examples in it of “The monkey is on the branch” (amongst many others) helps with reading and writing is a mystery, but that’s the genius of Procantius and why it is still a great start for children and ignorant brutes not lucky enough to be born in the Empire; there’s even a little message at the end of the book once one has finished that says in nice encouraging letters “Well done! You’ve all done VERY well”. A very nice man was Procantius, if a little condescending.


How to read Armanian, for children of all ages

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