A simple yet seaworthy small merchant vessel with a single mast and an unusual rounded hull.


The Girakes is one of the oldest and most widespread designs of ships within the Inner Sea, and originally hailed from the boatyards of the Armavine Empire. Cost effective, modest and enduring, it is a familiar sight plodding its way along the coasts, seas and rivers of the known world, and needing only 2 sailors for optimal efficiency is a favourite of the small business and adventurer-trader. Stats are below.

Hull type: Merchant
Hull Quality: 2d6
Seaworthineness Max: 18
Structure Points: 30
Length: 14 metres
Beam: 4 metres
Capacity: 7 tons
Freeboard: 0.5 metres
Draft: 2.5 metres
Crew: 2 sailors

It is reasonably priced at 1500 lara new and one of the most ubiquitous vessels known.


A design as old as the Empire and still popular. It is most often used in rivers, coasts and the shallower areas of the Inner Sea, but a skilled and watchful crew who pay attention to weather conditions can venture out into the open sea without too much trouble. Easy to maintain as well in that it can be easily beached and then repaired.


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