Dwarfcrafted weapons

Weapons and armour of matchless skill and precision, beyond human skill for the most part.


Dwarfcrafted weapons tend to be noticeably better made than human versions, with a sharper edge, stronger build quality and a bit lighter without compromising the design. Expensive as well, and rare to come by as most Dwarves take a dim view of anyone who isn’t a Dwarf.

They have a simplicity and elegance of construction, and as a rule normally do one more point of damage and have anywhere between 1-3 extra Armour Points. Also they are lighter due to more refined and sophisticated technique.

The only human culture that competes with (and occasionally equals) Dwarven weapons and armour are the Valheeni, but this is rarely a surprise given the dubious sorcerous nature of the reclusive magicians.


The only Dwarves known to deal with humans in anything less than hostile terms are the Great Range Dwarves (and even then only with the wild human barbarian tribes who live in the mountains) and the Holdfast called Velakarrim located in the Armavine Empire (who only deal with the Imperial Family and their representatives by a Imperial Charter). Other Dwarven Holdfasts and territories are hostile and profoundly xenophobic towards non Dwarves.

Dwarfcrafted weapons

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