Bassuri Dhow

A lateen rigged sailing ship, with excellent sailing characteristics and cargo space.


The Bassuri Dhow is a fine sailing vessel, and commonly has 1 or 2 masts with the traditional lateen rigged sails. It is very seaworthy and can carry a lot of cargo. A 1 masted Dhow is normally about 10-15 metres long and the larger 2 masters normally 15-35 metres long. In RQ terms their stats are as follows (stats slide in scale depending upon ship size and where it was built)

Hull type: Merchant
Hull Quality: 2d6+5
Seaworthiness Max: 31
Structure Points: 78 (this is for the 25 metre version, less and more by size change)
Length: 10-35 metres
Beam: 3-9 metres
Capacity: 5-80 tons
Freeboard: 1-5 metres
Draft: 1-2.5 metres
Crew: 6-45.

The cost of a Bassuri Dhow varies with size, but with the smaller ones starting at 3000, medium being 8000 and the largest ones being 12000, there is a price tag for almost everyone.


The Bassuri Dhow is a recognisable and sometimes even welcome sight on the seas and in the ports of the Inner Sea. Dependable and a good ship type for the roving merchant on the move, it is one of the reasons why the Bassuri reputation as maritime traders is so widespread.

Bassuri Dhow

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