Ateliketian Barracuda

A fast, sleek and surprisingly seaworthy looking galley with 2 masts.


The staple naval ship of the Ateliketians. It has remarkable hardiness and seaworthiness, and in the hands of a skilled crew and captain (and they are always skilled) it is the most manoeuvrable vessel within the Inner Sea. Also used by travelling nobles and officials, though never by merchants due to its low cargo capacity.

Hull type: Warship
Hull Quality: 1d6+14
Seaworthiness: 24
Structure Points: 75
Length: 24 metres
Beam: 4 metres
Capacity: 2 tons
Freeboard: 2.5 metres
Draft: 1.5 metres
Crew: 78 rowers, 14 officers and sailors, and usually 20 marines. Normally has 4 ballista mounted on the ship, 2 at the prow and 2 at the stern.

It is a remarkably watertight ship, due to the Asqua Pine it is made from (that only grows in the Ateliketian Islands) and the marvellous properties of the sap. One coating of the sap on the timbers is enough to last a good couple of years and totally waterproofs the vessel. It is never sold to other peoples or governments and is manufactured by the Ateliket Municipal Shipyards exclusively.


For as long as there have been people living on the Ateliketian Isles, there have been fine sailors and fishermen living here. Within the last 3 hundred years since Ateliketian Independence the creation of the Barracuda has all but ensured the freedom of the City State of Ateliket. The forests that grow the Asqua Pine are ruthlessly protected and guarded, and a strict harvesting policy makes sure there is never a lack of timber when needed. A Temple to Bumi-Bijiran sits within the forests and is responsible for the guardianship of the precious trees.

Ateliketian Barracuda

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