Altai steeds

Normally brown or black, a tall, powerful and enduring horse with great stamina and hardiness.


Strong, hale and spirited, these steeds are prized by their breeders and owners amongst the Altai Nomads, and coveted by people of other nations and cultures. They make superb warhorses and destriers capable of travelling many kilometres a day and still have energy left to fight with vidour, and the place they hold within Altai culture is profound and spiritual. The animals are justly revered by the tribes and any who mistreat one or try to steal one had best be prepared to suffer a very unpleasant end if caught.

As a breed they are comparatively easy to train for battle and war, having a fierce disposition and a willingness to fight as much as their riders. Certainly a kick from an Altai Steed can easily kill a man or wild animal, and this horse is a holy terror when it has a felled foe to trample. For the right owner, it is a staunch ally and steadfast mount.

Altai steeds

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