Varrax Pyrofer

A huge Dragon, all sinuous muscle with bronzed reddish scales, dark deep eyes like jet and a long horned head, and you swear it has a perpetually amused expression on it's face..


250 feet from nose to tail, with each wing stretching out 150 feet when fully extended. Her 4 limbs are like her, all sleek power and surprising elegance for her mass. When the light catches her scales the reflection can be blinding, and should one get close enough, runes and carvings are patched across her body and into her scales, and the great sense of heat emanating from her becomes apparent. Claws longer than a man, teeth like great glittering blades and a constant glow at the back of her throat indicate some of her lesser weapons. Her voice can be as low and purring as a throaty voiced cat and as load as the crack of a thunderstorm overhead, deafening all should she need to make a point; whatever its volume, when she speaks the rumble seems to cause vibrations in those nearby. There is no other creature in the world, whether mortal or immortal to compare to this wonder of creation.


Varrax Pyrofer is a name echoed through the ages; no other being (short of the Gods) in story or myth evokes the same sense of wonder, awe and imagination as this Dragons name. For many thousands of years she has appeared in many distinct legends of many distinct peoples, aiding some and hindering others. Many think her a wilful and whimsical menace who has steamrollered her way through history, but the truly wise notice patterns in her actions, and all she does seems to be for her own serious and as yet unknowable ends. Even the Gods (both Good and Evil and all in between) are wary of her and do their best to avoid unnecessary antagonism. Varrax for her part seems to regard the Gods as absent equals.

Many of the tales of Varrax revolve around her granting boons and favours to supplicants brave and desperate enough to seek her out and ask for her help, though there is always a price or cost for the aid she gives. To be one of the Dragontouched makes one stand out amongst the teeming hordes of humanity as special and certainly marked for great things.

She has many great deeds attributed to her name, one being the legend that she is the creator of Sorcery; certainly she is reputed to have been the first being to teach Sorcery to humanity back in the dawn of time though her own magical prowess goes beyond what is known (or indeed believed possible) by mortals.

Varrax Pyrofer

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