Varediis Eloi

A stolid stocky man of medium height and middle years, his features are undeniably patrician with a strong nose, steady brown eyes and functionally cropped dark hair. His arms and upper body are traced with many scars both fine and deep.


Like many Patricians of the Empire he is an exemplary swordsman (traditionally the shortsword is the weapon of a non military man of distinction within the Empire), and his Imperial unarmed combat skills have become by necessity formidable, able to cripple and sometime kill with a blow. He has also picked up a number of more barbaric weapon skills from his travels within barbarian territory, being useful with the Battleaxe and spear as well.

He has become very wise and as a result of his travels his Lores are extremely high, being a font of knowledge on a great many things.


Varediis was once a member of the Quoria in the Armavine Empire, one of the 3 Quorientes that represented the city of Tarmella (4th city in the Empire) and the Patriarch of the Eloi family and House. Well thought of but initially regarded as a political lightweight, his progressive movement into politics made him one to watch, with some of his successes for the good of his city making him powerful enemies, not least of which one of his fellow Tarmellan Quorientes called Caprimal Tayjan. His foe appeared his best ally and friend and bided his time, watching for the best moment to strike.

This happened during the Feastdays surrounding the Holiest of Days for Sensu. Varediis had never felt romantically attached to women and though he loved his wife with proper duty, he took his pleasures with men from time to time, though always with discretion and secrecy. One such dalliance with the 18 year old son of a fellow member of the Quoria became known to Caprimal and he used the information initially to try and blackmail Varediis, but the patrician would not yield to the threat. Instead, Caprimal leaked the information to the now outraged father and watched the sparks fly.

Much goes on between the affairs of the Quorientes and the wealthy in the Empire but to be caught out romancing the young offspring of a fellow Quoriente and so shamed was a great disgrace to him and indeed his whole House. Varediis was refused permission to honorably end his life by the Consul of Quoria Propriety and instead was sentenced to the greater shame and dishonour of a period of exile from the Empire, initially set as 20 years with his removal from the Quoria. However, one of his few remaining allies managed to persuade the Consul to offer Varediis a dangerous diplomatic and information gathering mission for the Magna Ludata that would reduce his punishment to a 5 year absence from the Empire though still removed of his Quoria status. As was customary for such an exile, he was permitted to take a weeks supply of food, given a permit for the Imperial Posting Inns (for use only outwith the Empire proper) and whatever clothes he stood in plus a personal weapon. His properties and wealth would become controlled by his wife Myrha in his absence and become hers should he die honourably doing his duty.

So it was that he left the Empire an overweight, unprepared and disgraced man. His travels took him far beyond the Empire, passing through the Altai Territories, then North west of the Great Range and into the truly wild lands that once spawned the Stromovar invaders. He spent a long time amongst the barbarous and little known peoples in those lands, and indeed was imprisoned by one such warlord for 3 years suffering many hardships and privations during his captivity. He eventually effected an escape, and now some 8 years after he left the Empire, he on the verge of his return.

His time away has changed him greatly, both physically and mentally. No longer the overweight, decadent and soft man he was when he left, he is now muscled and leaner than before, with his many scars and weatherbeaten countenance bearing testimony to the hardships endured. He is now more serious minded than he used to be, and also more thoughtful in action. He looks forward to the return to his homeland, seeing his wife (who he does love in his way) and children, settling scores if prudent or necessary, and trying to pass on the information he now bears. In his 8 year absence the Beloved Empress had died, something that caused him genuine sadness when he heard of it. He may no longer be a Quoriente and his name may no longer carry the weight it had before, but he is resolved to return and take his place as the Patrician and Patriarch of a strong House and to never leave the Empire again if he has anything to do with it.

Update: Sadly, his wishes may come to naught, for he has recently discovered that when a military mission of support is sent to the Autocracy of Menetia within the next year, his presence will be part of it as an advisor and Special Delegate of the Emperor; one supposes his experience and special understanding of the Brosengyn threat and the realms outwith the Inner Sea region is the reason that he has been handed this most excellent opportunity to regain favour and honour within his beloved Empire. That the military mission will actually be a thinly disguised regime change made up of an army of Menetian ex patriates backed by a Legion of the Armavine Empire accompanied by the last surviving member of the UrKhaigen dynasty should surprise few when it happens.

Varediis Eloi

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