Thenaiis Eloi

Short, slender and possessed of her mothers red hair and blue eyes, this young rare beauty walks with poise and grace.


Much taking after her mother in appearance, Thenaiis Eloi is the perfect young Patricians daughter and is well schooled in her class and obligations, being classically taught, a quiet yet strong leader and a formidable organiser. She has started taking up the slack in House business, allowing her mother to devote more time to charitable concerns and at the same time expanding her knowledge of what is required of her.

At the suggestion of her guard and friend Staskia, she has started learning self defence with daggers and knives, though it is still early in such tuition for her to be accounted proficient.


Thenaiis has had to grow up dealing with the whispers of her peers and Patrician society over her fathers disgrace, but unlike her brother, she has become more devoted to her family and house duties as a result of it. She has quiet contempt for many of her former social circle and now channels her spare time into worthwhile acts and duties.

She has had to contend with the unwelcome leering and advances of some of the men and families trying to inveigle their way into House Elois affairs, and like her mother has displayed poise and wit in rebuffing them, though after one bad incident, she has taken to travelling with a female former legionary (Staskia) as a guard when out and about.

She is a devotee of Sensu and also of the Cult of Armanixes, and some have noted she shares the same birthday and birthdate as the Imparioi, which some consider to be a good omen.

Thenaiis Eloi

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