Taturii Asamakiiro

A tall athletic woman with long red hair, amber eyes and a strong attractive face; her expression is stern and her manner is proud and hard to read.


Dressed in dark brown stiff leather armour chased with dark red, this woman warrior bears a long bladed polearm and also has a slightly curving sword at her waist. The compound longbow across her back finishes her wargear, and her stance is always that of one who expects danger and trouble at any given moment. Her personal crest on her breastplate is of 3 stylised water reeds and her shoulder pauldrons have the crest of a black mountain against a green and white background.

Being a woman warrior from Omiskiira, she has had to work twice as hard to get half as much respect as a man, and this is borne out by her impeccable weapon skills. Her horse riding is not great, to her chagrin due to her not having the wherewithal to afford a horse. She’s infantry, and resigned to this.


A member of the Hiin class from Omiskiira, she has been drawn to the life of a warrior and has accepted her severance from her family (who’d rather she had left weapons alone and become a wife and mother instead) with commendable fortitude. She has in the past served as a mercenary, though currently works as a guard and soldier for the Omiskiiran Embassy in Armarissa, where her diligence and excellence has been recognised by her peers and superiors. She is proud of her people and her choices, and holds no grudges against her family or those who disagree with her life choices; they can be no more than they are, and she can be no less than she is.

When off duty she can often be found walking the streets of Armarissa, and has taken a special interest in the parklands and grounds of the Hama Salleia, finding the peaceful locales there pleasing. She has also taken an interest in the Chariot Racing, though has not chosen (or at least publicly declared for) a Factio that she favours above any others.

Taturii Asamakiiro

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