Tarrisius Verdaska

With a solid square face, trimmed beard, fair hair and steely grey eyes, this patrician is strong, proud and very sure of himself.


In his late 40’s, with the strong build and brusque manner of a soldier, Tarrisius is a man who has spent equal years as a Tribunus (of the 24th Legion) and a Quoriente within the Office of Imperial Engineering. Competent, dedicated and committed, he has many virtues and admirable points, the most notable being he remembers every good and bad deed done to him and his House and likes to repay his debts; the reverse of this is a man who is proud, inflexible, vengeful and implacable, and one who doesn’t tend to take advice easily if it in any way clashes with his own view or opinion.

His swordsmanship is excellent, his organisational ability is formidable and his political influence has grown, with a respectable amount of allies and enemies.


The Verdaska family is an old House with a long and noble name in Imperial history, and is now one of the greater houses within the Quoria and Patrician society in general. Its undoubted leader and Patriarch is Tarrisius, and he does much to bring honour to his family; some may whisper (quietly) he is over proud, quick to take offense and slow to forget. His hatred for Varediis Eloi is great and has not diminished over the years, and whilst he has not attempted dire vengeance upon the family of Varediis (his hate is for the man, not those unlucky to have been dragged into this situation), he has at times blocked moves on their part to try and regain influence.

His son Casillus has been long removed from the political and social scene within Armarissa, and is now a local governor of a small town in the far east of the Empire, properly married and out of trouble. His remaining children (both male and female) are his primary concern, all are extremely well behaved and proper members of Imperial Society.

His most notable enemies are Caprimal Tayjan whom he despises (for revealing the disgrace of his son and Varediis for mere political points only, and also his dishonourable betrayal of an ally), Varediis (obviously) and Metellus Sambir due to his being an ally of Varediis still, which is something Tarrisius can appreciate and approve of as a worthy trait, even in an enemy.

Tarrisius Verdaska

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