Dark hair long and wildly braided with bones rattles and copper wire wound through it, this man in his late 20's is a fierce looking individual, with his brown eyes always seeming wild and out of focus.


His clothing is an odd mix of warrior armour and ragged robes. He rattles and jingles as he walks due to the amount of fetishes and foci that hang from his clothing and bandolier, and his cheeks have welts and scars cut into them with unusual runes and markings seeming to cover much of his body. The scimitar he bears is shorter than usual but made of some kind of black metal. His voice is normally sharp and barking, but when the spirits are upon him his voice is low, hollow and deepened. In all honestly his sword is an irrelevance regarding the threat he poses. His fetch (when it manifests) is in the form of a large mistlike she wolf seemingly forming from thin air. He is often perpetually distracted by things only visible to himself, but any time spent in his company results in people feeling uncomfortable, seeing things just out of the corner of their eyes and the feeling that something unsettling is going on about and around them.

A Zevgenya Shaman attached to the 17th legion, he offers religious assistance to his flock, but he also offers very real and tangible aid to them and by extension the 17th as well. He provides his flock with spells, occasional enchantments to the favoured and his influence has aided them in battle more than once, with his ability to summon up ferocious spirits and entities to plague and harm their foes proving very welcome. Treated with great respect (and the proper amount of fear) by both Zevgenya and the Armavine Legionaries alike, he is considered indispensable if alarming.


A Shaman from the age of 19 (young, but with immense talent), he was always drawn to the life of a Shaman who accompanies his people to war. He accepts that his charges will often also follow one of the Empires gods and accepts this, and he sees no conflict of interests in those who worship a deity and those who remember their heritage, for to him they are almost always one and the same.

Like any Shaman with experience and power, he spends some of his days fighting and speaking to spirits, and when he talks to them, his Fetch stands watch over his sometimes fitful body. It’s a hard life being in tune with the Spirit World and a servant to The Horned Man and the Zevgenya both.


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