Sunfather Militant Ascaus Medrenna

A mighty limbed and broad shouldered goliath of a man, with his fair hair cropped short.His eyes are grey and steely, but softened somewhat by his quirky crooked smile.


His robes are patched and travel stained yet well maintained, and his armour is well used and shows signs of being well dented and tested in battle; still in good condition for all that. The armour itself is a metal back and breastplate, with ringed leather sleeves and leggings (the rings are bronze, and have a dull sheen to them). His helmet is a corinthian style, with a golden crest of hair running traverse. His Sunspear of office is well maintained and well used, and he also carries a broadsword and dagger as backup weapons. A slingbag is over one shoulder, a backpack is over the other and a belt with a number of pouches completes his carrying gear. You’d say his age is in his 30’s. but oddly hard to determine.

His skill with the spear is formidable, and his magics gifted to him by Nerukata are potent weapons against those who would face him.


SunFather Militant Ascaus is a member of The Resplendent Order of the Sun Militant and travels where he feels he is needed. He is a warm man with the righteous and somewhat less with foes of his deity and order.

Born somewhere within the Empire some time ago (he doesn’t say when ) he returns to the Empire from time to time but is most often found travelling the northern coasts looking for good works to do and people to help.

Update: The Sunfather was martyred in the reclamation of the Ruins of Velicca, slaying the Hag Hyldra with his own spear as she killed him with her claws and dark powers. He leaves the world a little poorer for his passing, but yet better for his life’s deeds.

Sunfather Militant Ascaus Medrenna

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