Tall and slender with easy grace and a slight swagger, this woman with dark hair and dark eyes is pretty, alluring and possessed of a saucy smile.


She wears close fitting leather and wool clothing, a silken undershirt, with a rapier at her left side and a long parrying dagger on her right. She has a long cloak with a full head cowl that when worn reveals only her eyes, and her skill with either weapon is dazzling.

She has a certain…something; possibly your property, but also something…else…


Solimara is the close friend and ally of Patch, and between them they do what they can to get by, with absolutely no regard for the law or public decency. It could be said that he is the brains and she is the brawn, though they’d likely argue the difference between themselves. It’s all a game to them both and if there ain’t no risk, it ain’t fun.

Also left the group along with her friend Patch, and if current theories are correct, that quite possibly makes her the Moon Goddess Ba’Ath; this might be unfortunate, if it is so.


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