At a couple of inches below 6 feet and a posture of hunched power, this Orc has a clever cast to his features,with shoulders and arms that resonate with power and bunched muscle.


An awesomely powerful individual, this Orc wears leather and ringed armour that he barely notices, and a prominent necklace with symbols of Satrom and Bumi-Bijiran around his neck. He speaks with a gravelly low voice but his speech is clever and there is something very different about this Orc and the way he relates to the world about him compared to his more ferocious and obnoxious brethren.

His target shield, scimitar, dagger and spear aid him in melee combat, and his compound bow allows him to threaten foes at distance.


All that is known to the party is that this Orc is one of the Dragontouched, a pious follower of Satrom and Bumi-Bijiran and a bitter foe to his own kind. His best friend is Saressa Valley-Born, and he has surprising intelligence and at times wit. His worth is known to the human dwellers of the Wyrm Peaks and even if they are wary of him and at times dislike him, they need never doubt that he is trustworthy and a firm opponent to evil.


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