An old, old woman with tangled and matted grey and white hair that was once dark. Her eyes are like glittering flinty black stones, and her skin is wrinkled and lined from a hard life free of civilization.


Chattering and occasionally cackling, Selii gives the impression of being more than a little touched by the sun, the Gods or madness (hard to say). Her clothing is hand made, worn and grimy, and she has a number of infestations and skin ailments. Frail seeming with hands gnarled from early onset arthritis, she still possesses a dogged will to live despite the life she has lived.


Quite likely the last descendent of the people of Velicca, Selii buried her parents many years ago and has since then been alone apart from her flea population and the lemurs that steal her supplies of bananas when she isn’t looking. Illiterate but possessed of a canny wisdom and formidable good fortune and luck, she has reached a ripe (and indeed a very ripe) old age.

She lives in the remains of the Temple of Sensu, and it would seem the grounds and building are still hallowed to the Goddess, for the various threats in the ruins cannot approach her dwelling.


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