Saressa Valley-Born

Tall and lean, this supremely handsome fine featured man walks with surety and lithe grace, all evidence of supernatural parentage.


Saressa is a rarity, being born to a human father (a Herder in the high meadows) and an Auloniad (a Nymph of the Valleys). His fair hair is fine and long, his limbs lean and long and his face a supernatural reflection of his mothers features. He wears light leather armour and carries a compound bow, a long spear and several daggers about his person. A follower of Satrom and Bumi-Bijiran, he is the best friend of the Orc Shurmasskhah and the 2 are sworn members of the Storm Lodge.


Dragontouched and perhaps favoured by Varrax, Saressa is a renowned Storm Warden and in perfect tune with the Wyrm Peaks. He walks and climbs like the stone welcomes him and is devoted to the good peoples of the Wyrm Peaks, Varrax and his charges, not necessarily in that order.

Saressa Valley-Born

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