Short and slim man of indeterminate ethnicity, with shaggy shoulder length hair and topaz blue eyes. His features are pug nosed and more cute than handsome.


Heavily patched clothes of many dark colours are his to wear, with hard wearing travelling boots. A head scarf is around his face and neck sometimes, and other times pulled down to protect his neck from the cold. He has several daggers around his person and a long bone and wood flute tucked through his belt, and a bandoleer with many different pouches and bags attached.

Lethal shot with a thrown dagger or knife, and daggers seem to spin and glitter as he wields them.


He’s Patch. He can play a flute, and he likes things; other peoples things sometimes, and then they are his things. His partner and crony Solimara is never too far away, and the affectionate rivalry between them is evident in the good natured insults and ribbing they give one another. He finds humour in almost everything and his laugh can by turn be loud and braying or sleazy and snickering, depending on context. He seems to have an almost inbuilt need to flout the law and rules, and it says a lot that Solimara is the responsible one.

After recent events, he and the groups have parted company, and the current theory is that he is actually the Trickster God Loksan; suspicion is all anyone has just now, but if he is an ordinary thief and rogue, I’m a Bassuri called Amad.


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