Palidus Marcorius

Slim and of medium height, this fellow has a great serenity and grace about him, and oddly androgynous features. His brown eyes are calm and peaceful and his hair is worn long and in a number of different styles.


Clad in white and gold silks more often than not, this stylish and elegant figure wears the golden chain and white enamelled collar of one of the Imperial Eunuchs. He must have had some Bassuri blood in his ancestry, for he has darker skin and eyes than many Armavines. His manner is gentle and diplomatic at all times, and his humour can disarm all but the most boorish and unpleasant. He appears to be in his 20’s, but as with all the Imperial Eunuchs, it is very hard to guess age. His voice is high and soft, and his manner a curious mixture of masculine and feminine. Not unusual for some members of the Immaculatii.

His senses are preternaturally sharp and he seems to miss nothing, running a calming astute gaze over all he sees.


Palidus is proud of his position as one of the Imperial Eunuchs (called the Immaculatii) and has been one since his 10th birthday. Accounted as a junior member of the Immaculatii he has much promise and has already been of use in several diplomatic missions throughout the Empire. He is accompanied by 2 of the Fist at all times when he is outside the Palace, and he enjoys his work.

Palidus Marcorius

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