Myrha Eloi

A woman with long curling reddish brown hair and clear blue eyes, she is very attractive and clear skinned


She prefers to wear elegant and simple clothes of fine materials, showing her class by restraint and bearing. Her hair is normally done in the long curling style popular with the noblewomen of the Empire. She carries a small but very sharp knife at her waist, and also a small stilleto type blade hidden within the folds of her clothing. She has a very straight and proud posture without seeming haughty or arrogant, which is quite an accomplishment.

Very intelligent and quick witted, she is also a keen follower of Sensu, the Imperial Cult of Armanixes and Nerukata. Her financial wisdom and restraint has made sure that the Eloii holdings have actually strengthened over the years of Varediis’ absence.


A child of the wealthy Thaniisa family from the city of Menaii, she married Varediis in her mid teens, and has been since then a publicly dutiful and loyal wife. She does love her husband out of duty for he is a kind and entertaining man, but realised quickly that his romantic tastes lay elsewhere. Since they have had 2 children (son and daughter), they now privately (and discretely) have separate love lives. She was angry with him for the affair he had with the young son of his fellow Quoriente but only for his indiscretion (one doesn’t romance the families of another Quoria member) and being caught, thus compromising his dignity (not for the actual affair).

Since Varediis’ exile she has worked hard to defend the Houses wealth, holdings and properties by any means possible and raising the 2 children to be correct and proper. Her daughter Thenaiis is a demure and clever girl of 16 (born in the year of the Imparioi, a good omen) and her son is Bastius, a young lad of 19 and something of a rake and firebrand who runs with the Red Factio Partisans (to her eminent disapproval).

She is firm but fair with her servants and slaves, rewards good service well and donates more than needed to the charitable organisations attached to the Temples of the city.

Myrha Eloi

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