Mitualla Cybella

Willowy slim and pale, this woman is ethereal seeming with flowing long golden locks and blue eyes coloured like a mountain lake. Her slim and narrow features are delicate and almost like porcelain.


Dressed in simple light robes of pale yellow and white when at Temple, and simple white tunic trimmed with a blue hem and shoes for day to day, this young woman is beautiful and admired in any of the clothes she wears.

Her voice is flawless, whether singing the hymns of Nerukata, Sensu and Armanixes (she is an Initiate of each of them) or the more vociferous and broader melodies of the Glorious Blues, for whom she is Principal Singer. Greatly admired for her voice and her beauty from all factions, and especially for the Blues whom she brings great honour to.


Mitualla Cybella is a Singer before she is anything else. Discovered at an early age by the Factorii of the Glorious Blues, she has since been their Principal Singer, leading their songs at race days, in the theatres and in the parades. She is also lesser known to be a deeply religious and spiritual young woman, with Initiatehood in the Cults of Nerukata, Sensu and the Cult of Armanixes, and she divides her tithing time equally between the 3, most often as a singer and teacher of language. She maintains a small set of chambers in the Ludata District, most likely to gain some measure of peace from admiring hordes, partisans and racegoers who would likely bedevil her; the Magna Ludata and it’s Quorientes have forbidden obvious Factio colours from being worn and the Ludata Guards discourage Partisans in colours from entering the District.

She hails from the city of Videssa originally and has found her way to Armarissa through her singing talent and unlike the dubious reputations of Factio Dancers and Actresses, she like most Singers is regarded as above moral suspicion. When about on the streets she is often accompanied by a group of Glorious Blues Guards (and a gaggle of onlookers and assorted would be hangers on), but she has real peace when at the Temples of her deities, something she treasures the way a miser treasures gold.

Likeable, gracious and accepting of her lot to have little free time, she’s an asset to her Factio and a jewel of the entertainment crown in the Empire, having performed before the Emperor and the Imparioi some say.

Mitualla Cybella

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