Metellus Sambir

Fat, stocky and possessed of a ponderous slow gait, this fair, curly haired man has a genial smile, an easy manner, and cold green eyes that don't always smile when his mouth does.


In late middle years, likely his 50’s but hard to place, this stout and slow moving figure has a perpetual half smile on his lips and a crinkling at the corner of his eyes. His voice is rich and mellifluous and seems to roll from his belly up through his chest, then out his mouth to the waiting lucky listener. His usual garb normally features a fine long tunic in silk, very comfortable doeskin shoes and a long wraparound cape over his shoulders (“to guard against a chill, you know”). He has been uncharitably described by rivals as looking like a ship under full sail; he doesn’t mind, as he is quick to point out that the hot empty wind those people expel when they talk are what propels him onwards.


He is known as a marvellous orator, with his rich voice seeming to carry wise and warm witty words to his audience, and he currently occupies his Quoriente position as Ludii (Head) of the Schools of Rhetoric and Language within the Magna Ludata; this was a side ways appointment he received when he refused to renounce his close friend and ally Varediis Eloi. In fact, his persuasive ways managed to sway the decision of Hiradus Varro himself, reducing the 20 year exile of Varediis to 5 years, albeit with a much more dangerous exile period. He comes from Armarissa itself, and his family stay at his pleasant town house near the Magna Ludata. His manner is affable, but he is possessed of a steely resolve under his easygoing manner, and more than one opponent has discounted him, usually to their embarrassment and chagrin. He could have made more of himself most think, had he not stayed loyal to his friend.

A great believer in Face, but also a great believer in personal Honour and Dignity, he would never consider betraying a friend or ally, as it is Just Not Done, especially by a gentleman.

Metellus Sambir

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