Menia Ansprand

Slender and tall woman with flowing fair hair and blue eyes; her beauty makes one stop a moment, and her eyes hold you beyond that.


She wears white and green clothes cut in a stylish fashion and her hair is worn long and occasionally bound in a sensible style when required. She carries a dagger at her waist, a proper weapon (although with a pretty handle). She is a celebrated beauty within Padihan society, and is often beset by ardent suitors who are rarely her equal and never her betters.


Menia is the younger sister (21) of Cassio and is much like him, with similar views on trade and life and both taking after the best features of their parents. Alando may not regard her views on trade and politics well, but he knows she’s clever and extremely eligible, and so uses his daughter like a chess piece, luring this House and that to his tune, for many desire her. He also trusts her to do as he asks, though not without a great degree of initial badgering and stubborn backtalk from her; he’s damned if he knows where she got such opinionated ways and manners…

Menia is very fond of Cassio, and though she feels proper sibling love towards Pitero, she finds it hard to get along with him. She also abhors Altrude and Atenio, the former because she is an appalling person who makes her younger brother unhappy and the latter for, as she sees it, leading her father astray.

Menia Ansprand

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