Martaz Zevgenya Zaasik

Wide shouldered, slim hipped and possessed of long lean limbs, this man in his late 20's is breathtakingly handsome with the faded scars on his jaw, cheek and body merely adding contrast to the perfection.


His dark hair is in the braided style of the Zevgenya Altai and his right jaw has the customary red and blue tattoo dots going up to his temple (though one notices the blue dots seem to be that much brighter). His eyes are dark pools of smouldering intensity and his smile comes easily and quickly, lighting up his whole face. He walks with grace and poise that a dancer would kill for and his baritone voice laughs easily and often. He has several daggers and knives about his person, and wears a silken tunic chased in various shades of blue. His boots come up to just short of his knees and have clear supports on his ankles. His whole manner is of a man having the time of his life all the time, and you can laugh with him or be damned.


An incredible Charioteer (obviously a superb horseman as well) who has notched up hundreds of victories and has no fewer than 3 Obelisks and 8 plaques to his name prominently displayed within the Stadia Magna, the name of Martaz Zevgenya Zaasik is legendary within the Empire and well known beyond (at least amongst the Charioteering cognoscenti) as a phenomenal racer and a renowned ladies man. Effortlessly discrete with his female conquests and dalliances, fans roar on his name whilst checking their wives and daughters are accounted for. The Glorious Blues regard him as their greatest asset and even his enemies and opposing Factio’s grudgingly accept he is peerless (for now).

He is famous for never needing to use a whip whilst driving his quadriga, and his lead horse Luxanor (an Altai steed of notorious temperament) is almost as famous as he is.

Martaz Zevgenya Zaasik

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