Marle Turgada

Tall and rangy mercenary, shaved head and craggy features. Looks to be in his late 40's and flinty eyed.


Wears a chain hauberk with ringmail backed Cuirboulli vambraces, and heavy high boots made of bezainted leather. He has a well used Shortsword at his side, a 2 handed Longspear always at hand and a medium crossbow. He wears an old sash of deep blue silk across his chest which the observant and historically minded will recognise as belonging to an Officer in the old Menetian Army.


Marle is a Mercenary Captain leading the Free Company Marles Kingsmen. They number about 100 at last count and are all well seasoned and experienced. Based in Padiha, (where their wives and children are located) Marle is currently plying some trade in Port Caros and has signed on with his 30 men presentto get some extra money whilst they await a ship returning to the base of operations. Being an experienced and well regarded captain he has been chosen by Tronkil to command the defence of the caravan and he is a straight talking no nonsense fighting man.

He has little good to say about present day Menetia should the subject be raised in his presence and has a poor opinion towards slavers (for he sees them bleeding his country dry as his former nation sells its people into slavery).

Marles Kingsmen are made up of mostly Menetian exp pats (and the descendants of those who fled that land after the rise of the Autocracy), though he does recruit others on merit. These men are a major cut above normal mercenaries and leagues beyond what most peoples experience of the modern day Menetian military is likely to be. All are armed in a similar fashion to Marle, and all fight as footmen.

Marle Turgada

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